Brian Peterson Photography and Productions: Blog en-us (C) Brian Peterson Photography and Productions (Brian Peterson Photography and Productions) Fri, 13 May 2016 15:16:00 GMT Fri, 13 May 2016 15:16:00 GMT Brian Peterson Photography and Productions: Blog 120 120 New Look Website and Signature Series Now that I have a little more power at my hands with my new tool that I mentioned in the last post I have been taking advantage of this and retouching some older photos that may now have come out as they should the first time around.  What came from this is my new "Signature Series" collection.  This is a collection of some of my best photos that needed that bit of extra attention to perfect.  Most of these will be HDR images where I combine 5 photos of different exposure to get one perfectly exposed photograph.  The one skyline panoramic is actually 10 photos in one.  I took two HDR images and combined them for a panoramic of the downtown NYC Skyline.  These photographs are only available in certain prints but look best in my favorite, metal prints.  These prints are available on the new look website which I have retouched and am excited to share with you.  As I mentioned in the last post we will be heading to some fun cities coming up and as the weather breaks keep an eye out for some new material.  For now I hope you enjoy the new Signature Series Collection!

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On the Road Again After a short break from the website, I am back on the road traveling throughout the Eastern League umpiring baseball games every night.  Tonight I am writing from Harrisburg PA, after a quick trip from Altoona and a speeding ticket along the way. (My first in 8 years)  We are about a month into the season so far and although we haven't missed much baseball, the weather hasn't cooperated for much photography.  The nicest day yet came after a morning game in Bowie MD where we were able to stop in Washington DC and take some pictures before meeting up with the MLB crew working the Nationals game that night.  Keep looking out for new photos coming from our next group of cities of Harrisburg PA, Reading PA, Earie PA, and my favorite Portland ME.  Hopefully the weather breaks and allows me to get out for some nice morning shots.  For now I hope you enjoy the new ones from our nation's capital.  I will also be digging into the archives looking for some old photos to retouch on my new, more editing friendly laptop which is a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series.  Has a touch screen which when paired with a windows compatible pen will allow for more precise editing.  The i7 processor will also allow me to have a lot faster turn around time with both editing and uploading new photos.  Hope you enjoy the new photos, let me know what you think!

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Show Recap After doing shows in back to back weeks I have had time to settle in and look back on the experience.  Overall I thought the shows were a success.  I was able to accomplish my goals of spreading my name and introducing my work to the show goers.  LBI, I felt, had a better showing which probably had to do with being the only show in the area, in Toms River, we were competing with a show in Brick.  I may try to sneak one more show in before the holidays but if not probably spend most of December and January shooting and editing. 

I was able to get out for three more quick shooting sessions during these busy weeks.  One was on my way to my aunt and uncles house for Thanksgiving in CT, I stopped at Hudson Park in Fort Lee, NJ.  I was able to get some great shots of the George Washington Bridge.  The next was on my way home where I stopped briefly at Allaire State Park.  I was there from about 300 until 430 so I was able to get some great late afternoon shots.  Being my first trip ever to Allaire, I wasn't too familiar with the area so I look forward to getting back this winter for another session where I can spend less time scouting and more time focusing on each shot.  The last session was a foggy afternoon after school.  I had a couple hours to kill so I headed to Casino Pier to get some shots under the pier in the fog.  There were also about 10 surfers or so out on this day so I was a little disappointed that I don't currently have a 300mm zoom lens because I could have gotten some great shots.  I believe that will be my next lens though.  Still torn between that and a wide angle.  These shots are all up on the site right now for a preview but will undergo some more editing this week. 

One last note from the shows. At the fist Toms River show one of the vendors across from me, Barbra, had come to me after the show and asked for my help for a Christmas present.  She had several pictures of her granddaughter doing her gymnastics routine she wanted cropped out and placed on a canvas.  I have never done this before but since part of my business is custom prints I accepted.  The finished product came out terrific and was also a definite learning experience in Photoshop. I don't use Photoshop much in my current prints as far as cropping goes, so my knowledge wasn't fully there to start, but once I got started it seemed to come easy.  My attention to detail came out when tracing the crop using the magnetic lasso tool.  Given the size of the prints, I probably didn't have to be so precise with the trace but I didn't want to leave anything to chance in my first project like this.  With her permission I can post the final product as an example for future clients. 


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with their families, I am looking forward to a great holiday season.


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Show Time After a busy week moving into a new apartment, I was able to get out for about 30 minutes of shots in Seaside Park.  The locations were nothing new but the sky at sunset allowed for a different look.  These photos will be up sometime next week as I still need to set up my computer at the new place for editing.  As promised earlier I am looking forward to getting out to some new locations as the weather starts to turn.  

If you saw the last post you would know that we have a couple of shows coming up.  The first is tomorrow from 10am-3pm at the Toms River Elks Club on Washington Street.  This is scheduled to be a busy day with over 70 vendors attending the event.  Entry to the event is free and there will be multiple giveaways.  I have decided to give $25 towards any online order.  

My table will be set up with only a small number of hard copies for show.  These include 2, 16x24 HD metallic prints, a 24x30 canvas print, and a 6x9 gallery matted print behind glare resistant glass.  We will also have several smaller hard prints available.  Orders will be taken at the table so customers are able to customize and place their order right then and there.  Purchases at the show will also be given the 30% discount currently available to new clients through Black Friday.  After Black Friday new clients will still receive 10% off their first order but our breakout special ends that Saturday.  

The next show will be next Saturday at Beach Haven Volunteer Fire Department.  Details about this show can be found on the BHVFD Events Facebook page which includes examples of vendors work.  

Hope to see everyone at these two great events!


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We Are Back After a short break from writing in order to get settled into our new upgrades I would love to update everyone on the changes we have made and the exciting future.  


First is the brand new website which was announced on Facebook three weeks ago. We have set up an online store where you can order prints and products right from the website.  You can also set up an account to get exclusive offers and first glance at out new photos.  You can also set up a favorites section for quick access to your favorite photos.   Currently we are running our Breakout promotion where you will save 20% on your entire first order by entering the Promo Code: Breakout20.  New clients will also save an additional 10% when they sign up.  

New Photos:

We are adding new photos to our gallery every week and some of the most recent ones used a technique that was not seen in any of my earlier photographs.  I experimented with some night photography of the stars and the results were pretty cool.  I went out to Island Beach State Park, Beach 22, around 9:30 at night in order to get complete darkness.  I set up my tripod and using exposures between 20 and 45 seconds and used a manual focus of infinity. My zoom lens was set to 18mm with an ISO that fluctuated between 1000 and 2500.  I tried to keep my aperture as low as possible which was around a 3.4 with my current lens.  I was very pleased with the results and also played around with inserting myself into a couple photos.  I did not use a remote shutter release, which would be ideal but I did notice that if the exposure is long enough and I moved fast enough, the trail will be unnoticeable.  I also messed around with some light writing and you can check that out in the Night Gallery with "Love".


We have our first two events coming up quickly.  The first is November 21, 2015 at the Elks Club, Toms River, located on Washington Ave.  This is a Holiday Craft Show to support the Spirit Factor Cheer Squad.  

The second show is a week later, November 28, 2015 at the Beach Haven Volunteer Fire Department, Art, Craft and Gift Show to support their Scholarship Fund.  This event will have a $1 donation at the door.  

We hope to see you there!

New Products:

We will be introducing some new hand made products next week!  I will have a separate post for this project as I complete it.  To give you a quick preview of the project, I will be using old rustic window frames to create a custom frame for my landscape photos.  I have several 6 pane and single pane frames I will be experimenting with.  Photos will be posted soon.  

Another busy weekend for me moving into a new apartment with Nina and Liam so I probably will not be getting out for any new shots.  We will be blocks from the beach so keep an eye out for some sunrise pictures coming soon. 

I also have Allaire State Park and Manasquan Inlet planned for the upcoming weeks along with NYC and possibly Philadelphia scheduled for the holiday season.  If there are any specifics you would like to see please let us know!

Also a Happy Birthday to my niece Harper Grace!  She turned 3 yesterday.


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Congratulations! Congratulations to Lisa Vecchione who has become BP Photography's first customer.  Today she purchased a 16x9 canvas print of one of our Mathis Bridge Sunset photographs.  As our first customer she recieved a 20% dicount on top of her 20% first order dicount for a savingf of 40%.  Our second customer will recieve a 10% dicount on top of the current 20% promotion.  On top of that I have added a few more photos to the gallery.  These were taken in Red Bank on the river front.  So far a majority of my photos have been untouched for editing but I decided to do what I could to make these stand out a little more.  Let me know what yoiu think!



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Don't Stop Every since I bought my new camera I have been non stop taking photos and trying to learn the nuances of the new toy.  Today I believe the 5 hours of hiking and shooting paid off in a big way as I finished my shoot aound Cattus Island then made my way to the Barnegat Bay and Mathis Bridge for sunset.   I was having an incredibly hard time trying to decide what photos to post to my facebook page to share with you guys.  The choices were easier for the gallery on this website because I only choose my absolute favorites.  There were so many quality photos that came out exactly how I would of hoped so I am very happy with that.  Some of that may have to do with the new filter.  I went cheap to start because I wasnt exatly what to look for in a filter and just wanted to experiment.  I was pleasantly surprised with the Insignia Circular Polarize Lens.  It gave me the effect in the bright sun light that I was looking for and helped me dim the light for the open shutter photos at sunset.  As I said earlier the choices for today were easy for my favortes.  Hope you like them too!

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Stay a Little Longer

Today I believe was the first true test of my photography journey.  Yesterday was a soccer game which gives plenty of opportunites to get at least one or two good shots along with a couple flowers from my backyard in a controlled enviroment.  Today I visited a location where I have never been, so no opportunity to scout locations or find my favorite spot.  I knew my first ever visit to Cattus Island would challenge my abilty to find opportunutues for a good photograph and force me to think and work on the fly as I try to take 90% of my shots in full manual mode.  As I walked the trails I found a lot of basic scenery and occasional flower but nothing that stood out to me so I took a few shots and moved on.  As I got deeper into the park I started to see downed trees, large mossy trees and rotted out trees.  I starterd looking inside the cavities of the trees hoping nothing would jump out at me but maybe catch something interesting.  That is where todays photo came from.  It was a leaf gently resting on a very slight spiderweb.  This gave the illusion of the leaf floating about 6 inched from the bottom.  I tried a few hand held shots but then realized I really need to put the time into this and get it perfect.  I took out my tripod which I packed with me and started setting it up with the lens almost completely inside the tree cavity.  I came out with what I thought were some pretty cool photos of what seems to be a leaf floating inside the tree.  This taught me that you never know where or when an opportunuty will reveal itself but you need to look for them and take advantage of it.  I spend about 20 minutes in this tree before moving on and trying to capture some scenery.  I ran out of time and battery but now, equipped with a second battery, I am ready for round 2 of my Cattus Island shoot tomorrow.  You can see more of the photos from today on our facebook page.

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The Beginings

I happen to be one of the lucky few who get to travel as part of my career and I wouldnt want to be doing anything else.  Throughout my first four years in baseball I have seen so many places I probably wouldnt have had the pleasure of seeing without my career.  This gave me a whole new appreciation for the sights, sounds and cultures of different cities.  I started taking pictures on my smart phone  (8 mega pixel Nexus 6) and until recently that was plenty.  Then Columbus Day weekend came and I took a trip to the Philagelphia with my girlfriend Nina and ventured upon the Philadelphia Guild Fine Arts Festival in Rittenhouse Square.  Not knowing what to expect, we walked around and stopped at several vendors before finding our first photography vendor.  Richard Gayle was the first and most impressive of them all.  We talked to him for some time and compared photos of lighthouses on the rocky coast of Maine.  He used a process that involved fusing the photo onto an aluminum backing using extremely high temperatures leaving a vibrant HD finish that seemed to glow and come alive.  This display left me wanting more and wanting to learn.  After a few days of research on the internet I decided it was time to invest in a camera and start my own portfolio.  I landed on the Nikon D7100 with the 18-140mm lends.  Below are my favorite photos of the day. You can also check new ones out all the time in my gallery.  These two photos were taken in my backyard using the full Manual setting and no flash.  Also remember to listen to and comment on my song of the day.  Today is Matt Nathansons's Giants.  Enjoy!

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